Schedule Your Appointment Below


To schedule an appointment for a "ONLINE VISIT" by Skype, Facetime or by phone, please use the schedule below. 


A. You have four choices:

1. Return Patient with Dr. Lisa Abell

2. New Patient with Dr. Lisa Abell,

3. Return Patient with Dr. Robert Abell,

4. New Patient with Dr. Robert Abell. 

Determine the choice you want and click on it. Now look for a date that is a BLUE CIRCLE, which indicates appointments are available on those days.  Click on the date you want.

B. Select the time you would prefer for an appointment and click on it. You will then see a blue "CONFIRM" button which you need to click. 

C. Follow the instructions for paying for the appointment, making sure you complete the process fully.  You will receive an email confirmation if you were successful in booking your appointment. 

All appointments made will be in the time zone that you are making the appointment in.  The scheduler automatically adjusts itself to YOUR time zone.