Dr. Robert Abell and Dr. Lisa Abell focus on the 5 aspects of a patient to re-balance and heal a patient. The four pillars are as follows:

  1. Drainage

There are 5 primary eliminative organs in our body. These are the liver, lungs, intestines, kidneys and skin. Our body is similar to a bathtub with a drain. If the drainage system does not work properly, the drain backs up. If dirty, old water sits in a bathtub without drainage, then this sets up an environment where pathogenic organisms thrive- bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and yeast. This example mimics that of the body. We must focus on allowing our body’s eliminative organs to function optimally, thereby reducing our chances of infections and toxic waste accumulation in fat tissue, connective tissue, organs, glands, muscles and nerves.

  1. Mental and Emotional Well Being

We address the mental and emotional health of a patient as the second pillar of health. Stress can be a primary factor that can block the body from true healing as it blocks a patient’s ability to properly detoxify and inhibits the digestion process. In addition, a past acute traumatic event in a patient’s history can affect the patient in a myriad of ways. These issues, such as difficulty sleeping or high cortisol levels, can be addressed with homeopathy. By healing this aspect of the patient from its roots, the body then moves back into into homeostasis. We treat psychological disorders of anxiety and depression with homeopathy, and bio-color therapy. We work on core foundational issues. If the root of the problem is healed, subsequently its’ leaves and branches are affected; thus true healing occurs. Some patients have a strong and stable emotional foundation. If this is the case, then we address other causes for imbalance.

  1. Heredity-Miasms, Temperment and Constitution

This pillar addresses the inherent strengths and weaknesses that come from our parents. It also addresses the aspect of how one’s body stores toxicity, whether it is a fibroid or accumulation in the joint spaces with arthritis.

In homeopathic medicine, we assess how each person functions, how one’s body gets rid of toxicity and where we store our toxic by-products in our bodies. All patients are unique. Some have strong constitutions and others have weak constitutions. Genetic weakness is dealt with using miasmatic homeopathy. We have the opportunity to make the best of what we have and stimulate the body to eliminate its toxins efficiently.

  1. Diet and Nutrition

Dr. Robert Abell and Dr. Lisa are both GAPS certified practitioners with Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. The GAPS nutritional program is designed to help chronically ill patients recover with an intensive, step by step therapeutic dietary program that includes introducing grass fed bone broths, stews, fermented foods and nutrient dense foods to one’s diet in a gradual manner. Our patients have been greatly benefitted by this way of healing the gut and the gut mucosa.

We must eat foods that are pure and simple to maintain optimal health. Preservatives, chemicals, dyes and colors, chemical sweeteners and antibiotics are unknowingly added to our food and drinks. These exogenous toxins are never eliminated from the body unless they are fully catabolized (broken down). These chemicals add to the toxic load of the body and block physiological function of our organs and tissues. We focus on teaching patients about the deceptions within our industrialized food industry and what to look for whether organic, grass fed or pastured meats, what type of dairy products to use and what types of organic fruits and vegetables to incorporate. We individualize a diet program based on the issues found with the auricular medicine testing. We test for inherent food sensitivities as well.

  1. Strong Structural Foundation

Another important aspect to health and wellness that we address is a strong structural foundation. The spine is extremely important to good health simply because it is the largest computer network communication system of our organs and glands. When a vertebra has a subluxation, the nerve is impaired and consequently cannot communicate with the specific organ, tissue or gland. For example, a C2 vertebra that is compressed will affect the ears and may cause ear infections.

When we rebalance the physiology of the patient, pathology disappears. We do not treat diseases, we treat the patient.

I. In our clinic, we use the pulse for diagnosis. This modality of treatment is called Auricular Medicine. We treat the patient’s imbalances and give treatment or remedies according to the stress response from the pulse. We only give a patient what remedies the patient actually tests for. In this way, we can assess what supplements are actually helping the body to heal and what supplements are not assisting a patient in their path toward health. Testing remedies with the pulse’s “vaso-automatic stress response” makes healing cost effective and gives a patient exactly what they need to heal.

II. We address the physical, mental and emotional blockages that prevent our body from self-regulation. (self-healing) We can find these blockages through the pulse. We use Biological Medicine, light therapy and homeopathy to open these blockages.

III. We support our own body’s elimination by using Biotherapeutic Drainage. By using high vitality remedies, we increase the function of our eliminative organs. If our Liver is only working at 40%, 60% of our toxic residue is stuck inside the body. By increasing the function of our liver, we eliminate toxic accumulation in the body. This is a healing secret to optimal wellness. Other medicines do not address this important aspect to healing. By allowing our own body to function optimally, we are allowing ourselves to come back to wholeness.