Dr. Robert Abell, N.D.

Dr. Robert Abell has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine and Chinese Medicine for the last 24 years.. He is considered an expert in his field and teaches biotherapeutic drainage, gemmotherapy, homeopathy and chinese medicine to doctors all over the United States and Canada. He has been teaching seminars and speaking for Seroyal, a large Canadian natural pharmaceutical company, for the last 8 years. His extensive knowledge, amazing success with acute and chronic diseases with his patients has made him well known in his field. He has spoken for the American Association of Naturopathic Practitioners on The Misconception of Cholesterol and its’ implication of Heart Disease. He has spoken on numerous other topics including Autism and Neurological Diseases. Dr. Robert Abell has studied with numerous doctors. Gerard Guenoit, M.D. was his most memorable mentor. Dr. Abell studied with him regularly in Toronto for the last 12 years. This is where he learned the idea of “regulating the physiology” rather than “focusing on the pathology” of a patient. Dr. Guenoit’s ingenious way of treating patients inspired Dr. Abell to look at “disease” in a different way. Dr. Abell, with natural medicine, promotes profound, and true healing with his patients. Dr. Abell’s Interest in Natural Medicine Dr. Abell received his Bachelor in Science, in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1985. While in college and until 1988 he raced bicycles nationally ending his career at the 1998 Olympic Trials in Houston, Texas. After a successful career racing, Dr. Abell turned his attention to medicine. While searching for answers to asthma that began at the age of 24 while racing, Dr. Abell became frustrated with the traditional medical treatments prescribed by a pulmonary specialist. When a friend suggested he see a chiropractor in Boulder, Colorado he realized that there were other ways to heal the body. After over two years on four different asthma medications, Dr. Abell was cured of his asthma within one month of beginning chiropractic treatment. The chiropractor found that Dr. Abell had moved a bone in his neck when he fell riding a mountain bike one week before the asthma began. The chiropractor simply moved the bone back into place and Dr. Abell has never experienced asthma since. This was an eye opening experience that completely changed his perception of medicine. Dr. Abell began looking for alternatives to traditional medical school and on the advice of an acupuncturist, he applied to the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon. NCNM is a four year residential medical program requiring over 45OO hours of training. Dr. Abell attended NCNM from 1989 to 1993 and received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. NCNM is one of four Naturopathic Medical schools in the United States and is federally accredited. Naturopathic Doctors (ND’s) are trained in all areas of medicine with special emphasis on natural cures. Naturopathic Doctors are considered primary care physicians in over 15 states. Some states still do not license ND’s, but they practice in all 50 states. While in his second year at NCNM, Dr. Abell also began his studies at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). OCOM is a four year accredited school for Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr. Abell graduated from OCOM in 1994. While attending an Acupuncture conference in Portland, he met his future wife, Lisa, who was also attending OCOM. They moved to Southern California and began the process of starting a family and practicing Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine. Dr. Abell and his family live in Southern California. He practiced in Laguna Hills for over 18 years.

Lisa Abell, DACM, L.Ac.

Dr. Lisa Abell, DACM, L. Ac. has been practicing acupuncture and natural medicine for 19 years. Being a cross country runner at U.C. San Diego 26 years ago, she had an enlightening experience with acupuncture that healed her knee. She could not run for 6 months due to sharp pain in her inner kneecap. With 1 treatment, along with electro-stimulation, she was able to successfully run again. Due to this experience, she realized that she could benefit many practicing in the field of acupuncture rather than physical therapy or conventional medicine. After this experience, she immersed herself for 6 years studying massage therapy and then Acupuncture and herbal medicine. Dr. Lisa is passionate with her desire to help patients to detoxify and support physiological regulation to heal naturally. Through the years, she has found her expertise treating Women’s health, Fertility, Chronic Diseases and Pediatrics. She incorporates her years of experience with auricular medicine along with her use of German Biological Medicine, Biotherapeutic Drainage and Homeopathy to help restore a patient back to wellness. Lisa graduated magna cum laude from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 1997 in San Diego, Ca. P.C.O.M. is a 4 year graduate program geared to pass the rigorous California Acupuncture and Herbal board exams. Lisa is also certified in Biological Medicine with Dr. Rau, M.D. His clinic, the Paracelsus Clinic, in Lustmuhl, Switzerland, is the largest Biological Medicine Clinic in Europe. These natural therapies and remedies are supportive to help a patient restore homeostasis. Homotoxicology and the restoration of health via removing toxic dental blockages, heavy metals, infections, removing deposited toxins and vitamin and mineral deficiencies are all part of Biological Medicine. Lisa has also studied Biotherapeutic Drainage and Terrain Homeopathy with Dr. Gerard Gueniot M.D., a leader in Natural Medicine in France and Belgium, for 13 years. She has taken an extensive course in Terrain Homeopathy geared to the Homeopathy curriculum at Dr. Gueniot’s Natural Medicine schools in France. She has also studied Auricular Medicine with Brian Frank M.D. along with Dr. Mikael Adams, N.D. Auricular Medicine is the primary diagnostic tool in Lisa’s practice. Auricular Medicine allows her to assess, through the use of the pulse, blockages and organ and glandular imbalances that inhibit the body from healing. This tool allows her to individualize her treatment and to test nutritional remedies and treatments that balance the patient on a biochemical, energetic and mental/emotional level. Nutrition is also an important part of her practice as well. She is GAPS certified with Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. This certification has allowed her to help patients with serious neurological and digestive issues. She gives out specific nutritional guidelines for each patient and tests for allergies to specific foods. Often, through the healing of the gut and gut mucosa, the majority of the food allergies diminish. Lisa received her B.A. in Psychology and History at the University of California at San Diego in La Jolla in 1991. She immediately began a 2 year program with 1000 clinical hours in Holistic Health Therapy learning such skills as Tui Na, a deep Chinese acupressure technique, Cranio-Sacral work, Thai massage and Myofascial Release. These modalities, along with her acupuncture and Biological medicine background, have allowed her, through 22 years of experience, to intuitively assess an individual’s concerns. Lisa incorporates German Biological Medicine, Bio-therapeutic Drainage, Phytoembriotherapy, Oligominerals, Homeopathy, Auriculotherapy, Cinical Nutrition, French Color Therapy and European Acupuncture into her practice. She is licensed in California and Hawaii for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. Dr. Lisa co founded with Robert Abell, N.D., L .Ac. their clinic, Be Well Natural Medicine Clinic in Laguna Hills, CA. Dr. Lisa never treats “disease”, but instead treats the individual. By regulating the physiology of the patient, the “pathology” disappears. Dr. Lisa’s focus is to remove the underlying cause of illness. She does not merely suppress symptoms. In order to truly heal, Lisa addresses the 5 aspects that determine the quality of a patient’s health. These include: drainage and detoxification, structure, nutrition, mental and emotional stressors and heredity. With wisdom, intuition and compassion, Dr. Lisa is able to guide a patient from illness back to mental, emotional and physical wellness.